How to install PianoLab:
  1. Download and extract the zip file with the installer program.
  2. Ignore possible security warning of the browser (all files are checked by Kaspersky anti-virus).
  3. Run the installer.
  4. If Windows 7 UAC (control of accounts) , then confirm the request to allow the installation PianoLab.
  5. For the program requires NetFramework v.4.0. As a rule, this applies to Windows XP, 7, where this module may be absent. At the end of table downloads for Windows makes a reference to this component.
  6. To install the mobile version PianoLabM for Android just download and install on your Android device file "pianolabm.apk". When re-installing the mobile version of PianoLab, you must first uninstall the old version!


Android logo




pianolabmobv4.apk 4 mb


pianolabmobv3.apk 4 mb
  PianoLabM 28.05.2019 pianolabm.apk 1 mb
User Guide. Version 3.0 24.07.2020 manual30men.pdf 1 mb
Windows logo


  PianoLab v7.0 (Password for zip archive: AkmVld1234) 21.09.2021 2.5 мб
  PianoLab v6.0 24.06.2020 1 мб
Quickstart. Version 5.0 26.10.2017 quickstart50en.pdf 1 mb
  Tuning-fork for piano.(3.5-11)  11.08.2016 0.5 мб
  NetFramework. Version 4.0 22.03.2017 NetFramework. Version 4.0 40 мб

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